How We Help

Phase 1

First, our clients receive an intimate share in the work to be created. The beginning stages of design are a collaboration between NJS and our clients to bring to life their vision, clarify theological and liturgical considerations, and address pastoral concerns. Once the scope and content of the project is determined we will offer a detailed written estimate of timeline, cost, and project deliverables, then a written agreement, and finally we commence work on design sketches. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a our presentation of colorful, detailed renderings of the proposed art and design work that can also be used in promoting the work and gaining support. Because our work is primarily a part of the mission of evangelization, we help your community and benefactors see that their support of this work is part of the larger mission of Christ in the world, to announce the gospel message through beautiful sacred art and design.

To this end, we happily offer a variety of presentations to assist your community and benefactors in understanding the integral role of sacred art and design in service of the liturgy. From our own stories of conversion through encounter with Christ in the liturgical arts, to theologically grounded explanations of liturgical art, we can help your community to see the connection between sacramental beauty, the liturgy, conversion, and the life of discipleship. Our joy is to share our love of Christ and his Church with your community through the transforming power of beauty. 

Phase 3

Construction of the works of sacred art and renovation work are the final phase. NJS can either paint mural work in its studio or at your location. And NJS will work to gather subcontractors to bring to life its designs of sanctuary appointments, architectural elements, painted motifs, flooring, and lighting. Our commitment is to bring about completion of your project on time and on your budget.